The assets I am currently distributing via the Unity Asset Store. If you need support or have a question, feel free to send me a private message on the Unity forum. I will usually respond within an hour if you contact me from 9.00 until 21.00 UTC.



Naninovel is a comprehensive solution for creating full-featured visual novels using writer-friendly tools.

Blend Modes


Blend Modes is an editor extension for Unity which allows you to change the blend mode of objects. Just like in Photoshop and similar image editing software, you will be able to set any of the 25 different blend modes to UI graphics or text, particle systems, 3D meshes, 2D sprites, cameras and other objects to achieve a wide range of effects.

Alpha Raycaster


Alpha Raycaster is a custom raycaster for UI objects built upon default Graphic Raycaster. It checks texture transparency, before deciding whether to send input events for targeted object, which allows a precise interaction with objects that have a non-rect shapes (like circles, triangles, map regions, etc).

Digital Glitches


Image (post-processing) and UI effects for Unity that simulates random digital video glitches and artifacts. May be used to simulate video camera (or any other digital video hardware) malfunction.