UI distortion in Unreal Engine

In Breached we have a lot of digital noise/glitch effects. While we mostly used the wonderful “Sci-Fi and Glitch Post-Process” package, I’ve wanted to add a bit of uniqueness to UI noise effect and assembled a material function for distorting UI texture UVs.

Glitch effect in Unreal Engine 4

It uses a bunch of procedural noise generators, panners and a texture mask to apply specific distortion pattern.

DistortUV function

The function turned out to be quite flexible, so I’ve thought it could be useful to share it. You can grab archive with the function and texture mask here: DistortionEffect.zip
Just drop the unzipped folder to UE project and the function should become available as “DistortUV” node.

Dark Matter VFX

A while ago, working on Breached, I’ve been figuring out how to visualize a weird in-game creature called “Keeper”. It was something like an electromagnetic anomaly, stalking around and hunting for player.

The project is now using another engine and concept of those creatures completely changed, but I kinda liked the effect and decided to share it.

Here is a Git-repo with Unity project: http://git.io/vmNpz
And an assembled unitypackage: http://git.io/vmNpW